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The rig hand is the smallest and easiest to use the drilling rig manufactured by our company.


It has wide application in drilling wells, building work such as drilling small piles, holes for fence, posts

and in agricultural works such as planting trees or other plants.

This device allows you to perform well without removing the entire set, because the auger moves on poles - the guides.


It allows to drill a hole with a maximum depth of 20m and a maximum diameter of 200 mm - depending on the soil type.

The rig hand with a small diameter drill works efficiently in the work of geologists.

Standard diameters drills are 150mm, 180mm and 100mm for geological applications - but it is possible to perform any other dimension of the drill bit.


Set includes drill extension, the handle screw and a set of screws. Depending on the destination set is enlarged by any number of extensions.

Simple - The modular design lets you configure the system according to the customer's needs in terms of depth and diameter of the well.


Equipment of our products are on the market for over 7 years and during that time we have produced more than 1,000 sets.