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Our company is a partner of the Austrian company Velox-Werk Poland sp. O.o. The company, through us offers modern building systems. The main advantage of this system is saving. During the construction phase the use of the system Velox reduces transport costs, lower employment contractors, minimal use of equipment and speed of execution - the construction of 1 m2 of wall takes approx. 0.9 hours.


The Velox guaranteed for the lifetime of:


- Reduced by 50% the cost of heating

- Extend the life of the building

- Protection against moisture and mold

- A massive and stable construction proven in areas with little bearing surface


Velox system offers:


- Excellent performance heat izolation.

- Excellent acoustic insulation

- Ability to absorb noise

- One of the lowest natural radioactivity

- Additional living spaces


The Velox is an excellent base for all kinds of finishing materials. This system has standards and technical approvals Polish and international. This system can be implemented objects:


- Residential single and multi-family

- Commercial buildings, industrial, agricultural

- The objects of public use

- schools


The Velox is known and used in Austria, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Japan. Velox system has been used in Poland, among others in Gliwice, Pless, Bielsko-Biala, Olsztyn and Gdańsk. High quality system Velox has won numerous awards at the fair building.


 For more information about the system Velox, you will find at: