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The lift is a compact alternative to the lifts fixed mounted on the wall. Its size and weight allow you to move it wherever it is needed ventilated workplace

The end of the suction is equipped with a magnetic base ensures stability during operation.

Used hose is resistant to temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius

The device can also serve as exhaust fumes such as the garage, it can also be used to introduce fresh air into the room. Equipment for professional and amateur use

It is equipped with a tip that allows for the regulation of air flow set is between 1 and 220 liters per second.

The device has 12 months warranty !!

The device on request deadline 14 days

Set for inflating the air at a temperature not exceeding 60 degrees Celsius

Windmill can not be used for dust pomieszczań

On request, we can make the same statement in the larger diameter