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Perfect device for both professionals and beginners.

The entire process automated and controlled through a convenient pilot.


Powerful motor with right and left rotation


Device can dig at one time,depending on the diameter of the drill depth of 60-120 cm


The entire countered in the form of a building on a trailer car biaxial of at least 350cm.


This is a new model of the device in which the opening and closing of the mast takes place by means of a hydraulic cylinder!

With this rig you can dig wells, create poles or fences!



Set contains:

-drilling unit

-10 meters of extension rods.

-one auger drilling choice (diameters 80, 120, 150, 180)

-bilding on the trailer service.



The product has the CE mark.

For every product we offer 12 months warranty. We also offer training and

technical support during drilling.


The device on request deadline of 2-3 weeks from date of order.

The possibility of delivery throughout the Polish, as well as the possibility of buying the machine in leasing and installment.

The mechanical mobile rig

type WMM-8/18

drilling method "dry"