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WP MINI-12-30

Our next product is a specialized device, packing and drilling.

With this device you perform a concrete pole to a depth of 10 meters.

Drilling process:

1.Start drill with specialist bit,

2. In as far as the progress we make another snails. The whole soil is transported to

surface using augers (everything is done without disassembly)

3 After drilling the hole to a depth of eg 10 meters connecting the pump and put concrete milk by poles down the trench.

4.Close pull rods turn up the entire hole pouring concrete,

5. After removing the set and put the reinforcement you ready pal.

The device was made in cooperation with large companies that perform piles.

Product additional advantage is the possibility of drilling a well.

By combining two devices into one extending the range of their services.

Set contains:

1. Drilling rig / piling machine

2. Drills 10 meters (from 145 to fi fi 300) - price is for feeder fi equipment with feeder fi 145

3. head for feeding concrete (mud)

Furthermore, the purchase option can be:

1. Set poles to the well - up to 30 meters

2. Drilling bit - diameter on request

The product has the CE mark.

We offer the possibility of training.

The device on request deadline of 2-3 weeks from date of order.

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